Sierra Club Drives Gas Guzzlers

While the Sierra Club asks us to consume less on Earth Day, it should think about redirecting its request to its own board of directors. Based on our research of publically available motor vehicle registrations, we’ve found that the Sierra Club’s Board of Directors don’t follow their own organization’s advice when it comes to driving.

The 15 member board of directors and their households own a combined 32 vehicles with an average fuel economy of 27.4 miles per gallon (mpg), based on government fuel economy data. This is only half of the 54.5 mpg fuel economy that the Sierra Club has called for to become law.

Even more hypocritically, the board prefers sport utility vehicles to hybrids/electrics, with seven of the 32 vehicles part of the former vehicle type and only six of the latter. Perhaps most egregious is the fact that two vehicles are luxury Jaguars, averaging only 18 mpg, far below the U.S. average fuel economy of 24.8 mpg in 2013.

Among the worst offenders are:

chart 4

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