Greenpeace’s Anti-Science Crusade Claims Scalp

Big Green groups love to claim that the “science is settled” when it comes to climate change as a way to marginalize (and silence) their opponents. But if these activists are so concerned about the scientific consensus, why do they attack genetically improved crops?

These crops, which have been on the market for decades, have been improved so that we can grow more food.  Scientific organizations such as the British Royal Society, American Medical Association, and the World Health Organization are on one side, finding that these foods are just as safe as other foods in the marketplace.

On the other side are groups like Greenpeace, Food and Water Watch, and the Sierra Club, who needlessly and recklessly scaremonger about these foods—or worse. Greenpeace activists in Australia were even criminally charged and pleaded guilty after recording themselves destroying an experimental wheat crop.

Unfortunately, the European Commission took a step back last week. In response to Greenpeace pressure, the EC decided to discontinue having a Chief Science Advisor, who promoted the use of genetically improved crops. Greenpeace and other activist groups had sent a letter to the EC President this summer. It’s a move that is “essentially letting the frightened mob rule,” as risk communicator David Ropeik writes.

Meanwhile, last week the European Union moved closer to allowing individual countries to ban genetically improved foods, in a move that will invite more scaremongering from radical environmental groups.

The misinformation campaigns by Big Green groups against genetically improved crop technology has a victim: People. For example, Golden Rice is a strain of rice genetically modified to carry Vitamin A in hopes of battling Vitamin A deficiency, a serious problem that affects millions globally and can lead to blindness or death. Opposition from Greenpeace and other Luddite greens threatens this improvement and future technological investments and developments like it.

The cost of Big Green’s ideology is something the world simply can’t afford.

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