1. FWW Looks to Ban Fracking in Maryland

    It’s been a rough winter for the folks at Food & Water Watch. After taking part in the months-long protest in North Dakota over the Dakota Access Pipeline—you remember, all that violence and all the trash left by self-professed “environmentalists”—it saw the new administration come in and green-light the project. Now, FWW is looking east […]

  2. Greenpeace’s Anti-Science Crusade Claims Scalp

    Big Green groups love to claim that the “science is settled” when it comes to climate change as a way to marginalize (and silence) their opponents. But if these activists are so concerned about the scientific consensus, why do they attack genetically improved crops? These crops, which have been on the market for decades, have […]

  3. Anti-Energy Activists Spinning ‘Wheel of Lies’

    As part of our campaign to educate Coloradans about the radical views behind the loudest voices against fracking, we ran a full-page ad in the Denver Post and other papers depicting a “Wheel of Lies” that contains false and misleading claims peddled by radical activists. As the Denver Post editorial board puts it, the “fringe […]

  4. Food and Water Watch Alters State Documents to Hide Consensus on Fracking Safety

    Food and Water Watch (FWW) is already licking its wounds from its recent defeat in Loveland, Colorado, where voters ignored the misinformation campaign of its surrogates FWW Colorado and Frack Free Colorado to vote against a fracking moratorium. Now it’s come to light that FWW altered Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) documents to hide […]

  5. New Paper Ignores Science to Parrot Fracking Fears

    A new paper by the Physicians Scientists & Engineers for Healthy Energy (PSE), released today in Environmental Health Perspectives says that fracking is not safe. It bases this conclusion on the unscientific claim that fracking contaminates groundwater: “Studies suggest water contamination risks exist through a variety of environmental pathways.” This claim simply parrots the assertions […]

  6. Environmentalists Use Colorado Floods to Push False Fracking Narrative

    Last September’s flooding along Colorado’s Front Range was disaster for the state, but a boon for radical environmentalists desperately seeking to promote their agenda. In the midst of the disaster, environmentalists launched a full-fledged media campaign that even involved renting out helicopters – not to help those stranded, but to fly around national reporters and […]

  7. Food & Water Watch Fabricates a Fracking Petition

    In an attempt to bolster its alarmist and unscientific campaign, “Californians Against Fracking,” Food & Water Watch circulated a petition to California chefs seeking support for a state moratorium on fracking. There’s just one problem: At least two signatures – Jessica Pounds and Richard Yoshimura of Bakersfield’s Moo Creamery – were obtained under false pretenses. […]

  8. Welcome to Big Green Radicals – Exposing Powerful Environmental Activists

    Welcome to Big Green Radicals, a new project from the Environmental Policy Alliance that exposes the radical agenda and political influence of today’s environmentalists. We’re focusing on three groups that want to fundamentally change our way of life, but whose true motives and intentions are hidden from public view: Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Sierra […]