Welcome to Big Green Radicals – Exposing Powerful Environmental Activists

Welcome to Big Green Radicals, a new project from the Environmental Policy Alliance that exposes the radical agenda and political influence of today’s environmentalists. We’re focusing on three groups that want to fundamentally change our way of life, but whose true motives and intentions are hidden from public view:

These organizations are using scare tactics and junk science to push policies that increase the cost of energy and drive up your cost of living. Right now, big green radicals have more power and influence than you think – and you’re going to be stuck paying for their agenda.

We expose how these activist organizations are funding and advancing their radical agenda while hiding it from public view.  We also highlight examples of activist hypocrisy and shed light on the shaky science behind their radical positions.  We encourage you to explore the website and learn the facts about the radicals that have taken over the environmentalist movement.

To help spread the word, we have a full-page ad in the D.C. edition of the Wall Street Journal and a commercial online.  Check them out below and let everyone know that it’s time to expose these radical groups.

Online Commerical

Wall Street Journal Ad


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