1. When Environmentalists Vandalize the Environment

      Presumably angered by their pathetic short game, a group of environmental “activists” vandalized the fifth green at the Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA earlier this week. Carving a message of “NO MORE TIGERS NO MORE WOODS” in hopes of drawing attention to some generic environmental cause, the group brought some […]

  2. Greenpeace Defaces World Heritage Site, Refuses to Take Full Responsibility

    Last week U.N. officials and world leaders convened in Peru to agree to do something about greenhouse gas emissions—namely, to get countries to commit to emissions caps. But what really made the international headlines was a stunt by Greenpeace that defaced a World Heritage site. Greenpeace activists trampled onto the ancient Nazca Lines to put […]

  3. Seizing Farmland, the Sierra Club Way

    The Illinois Commerce Commission recently voted to allow Clean Line Energy Partners to move forward with Illinois’ first merchant-owned electric transmission line. The Rock Island Clean Line project would transmit energy produced from the future development of wind energy projects in Iowa to Illinois through a 500-mile corridor of power lines strung atop 150-foot towers. […]

  4. Have Kids? Environmentalists Wish You Didn’t

    Humanitarians might see a problem and ask themselves, “How can we get more food to the hungry?” or “How can we help the impoverished?” The mainstream environmental movement doesn’t think like this—because it thinks humans are the problem. Green radicals have a general solution to environmental problems: There just needs to be fewer people—and perhaps […]

  5. Hypocrite of the Week: Laurie David

    Laurie David, ex-wife of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm writer Larry David, claims to be an ardent environmentalist and has used her new found fame and wealth to campaign on behalf of the NRDC, where she serves on the board, and in producing Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. Here are a few inconvenient facts about […]

  6. NRDC Has a Numbers Problem

    Yesterday was the last day for public comment on the EPA’s proposed (and flawed, and economically damaging) rule to regulate carbon emissions from power plants. Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) executive director Frances Beinecke chimed in to claim on her blog that Americans have filed 8 million comments in favor of the EPA’s efforts to […]

  7. Did Sierra Club Fabricate Anti-Coal Support?

    The Sierra Club’s “Beyond Coal” campaign seeks to shutter energy production across the nation. Maybe it should be renamed “Beyond Ethics.” In North Carolina, the Sierra Club is pressuring Duke Energy to shutter a coal plant near Asheville, touting a letter supposedly signed by 80 local businesses. However, some of the businesses say they never […]

  8. Solar Plant: We Need More Natural Gas!

    The $2.2 billion Ivanpah solar facility in California, which occupies five square miles, is the world’s largest solar power plant—and Big Green is a fan. But here’s a little secret: This much-touted complex, which opened earlier this year, is only operating at 50% of its expected capacity. And here’s another: Ivanpah requires natural gas—the scourge […]

  9. Greenpeace: A History of Lawlessness

    Greenpeace leaders have definitely developed a special niche when it comes to protest tactics. While some groups might utilize shocking street theater (think PETA), Greenpeace has really mastered the arrest. In just the past couple of years, Greenpeace has been involved in acts of global lawlessness such as: Chaining a Russian oil rig to a dock, resulting in […]

  10. Report: Sue-Happy Activists Threaten Endangered Species

    We’ve detailed the litigious practices of environmental activists, who routinely collude with government agencies to block economic development in a process known as “sue and settle.” These lawsuits stymie energy production, destroy jobs, and leave taxpayers on the hook for millions of dollars in legal fees. Still, the activists claim the lawsuits help keep our air and […]