WATCH: Leo’s Titanic Climate Hypocrisy

Leonardo DiCaprio wants you to know how much he cares about the environment. Just last month, at a UN climate summit, Leo reminded the world that he is “not an expert” but still has a lot of important things to say. For instance, he dubbed climate change “humankind’s greatest challenge,” calling on the UN to “make history” by taking “decisive, large-scale action” with “courage and honesty.”

Unfortunately, Leo fails to live up to his own words. Far from taking a “courageous” stand against climate change, Leo travels around the world in super yachts and private jets. Meanwhile, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), on whose board Leo sits, advocates for strict vehicle emission standards and aggressive carbon dioxide regulations.

We’ve created a new online video to add a little dose of “honesty” to the conversation. The video, which can be viewed here, highlights Leo’s hypocrisy on climate issues. Some examples include:

  • Leo celebrated the World Cup this year in style aboard the Topaz, a super yacht. At 482 feet, it is the fifth biggest yacht in the world and gets appallingly low gas mileage.
  • Said yacht is owned by United Arab Emirates sheik Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, whose family’s $150 billion fortune is derived mostly from the oil Leo has said we need to “keep in the ground.”
  • Leo has flown from New York to Sydney by fossil-fueled private jet, even as he warns the world of an impending climate crisis.
  • The actor plans to travel to space aboard Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, one launch-land cycle on the Galactic has five times the carbon footprint of a flight from Singapore to London.
  • Leo has a knack for acquiring carbon-intensive mega mansions. Since February, he’s bought three properties totaling $23 million, including a $10 million apartment in New York that runs almost exclusively on the fossil fuels he thinks are destroying the planet.

Click here to view our video. Click here to learn more about Leonardo DiCaprio’s environmental hypocrisy.

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