Sierra Club’s Secret Coal Strategy Revealed

The Daily Caller revealed this week that it obtained a secret document from the Sierra Club outlining the group’s strategy to kill the coal industry and “keep the massive U.S. coal reserves underground.” According to the document, the Sierra Club will use its mega millions and cozy relationship with regulators to artificially force the cost of coal so high that green energy becomes a viable option.

In the words of the document:

Although existing coal plants without pollution controls can, in many instances, produce electricity more cheaply than new wind or solar, installing the full suite of pollution controls essentially doubles the cost of power generation and levels the playing field with clean energy.

To achieve this goal, the Sierra Club plans to spend $120 million over four years on its Beyond Coal campaign of “battle-tested community organizers, lawyers, and media experts to ramp up to a 198-person campaign that is driving robust coal-retirement and clean energy replacement campaigns in at least 45 states.”

It also sets aside $30 million for 2015 to make the most of Democratic control of the White House and the Environmental Protection Agency.

The document also reveals that the Sierra Club will use its influence to “work closely with EPA, providing technical and legal information when needed, and supporting EPA’s efforts to adopt and implement strong protections against coal pollution.” The Sierra Club’s collusion with the EPA to achieve its goals has already been well-documented by the revelations found in secret EPA emails uncovered by Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

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