Food & Water Watch Colorado is a subset of the national environmental group Food & Water Watch (FWW) that tries to ban fracking nationwide. However, beyond maintaining a Colorado-specific Facebook page, FWW has managed to conceal the full extent of its presence in the state.

Alarmist and Fearmongering Rhetoric

FWW Colorado uses over-the-top and alarmist rhetoric to advance its causes. For example, it says, “Fracking for oil and gas is still poisoning our water and our communities,” despite the fact that there are no proven cases of fracking poisoning anyone.

It also uses this alarmist rhetoric to fearmonger: “If you live near a fracking site and you want to have a healthy baby, you should consider moving.” Other alarmist rhetoric includes, “Claiming there’s a safe way to frack is like claiming there’s a safe way to smoke, or a safe way to shoot whiskey before climbing behind the wheel of a car.”

Bad Science

FWW Colorado uses bad science to further its fearmongering. For example, the group claims, “Proximity to fracking increased the likelihood of low birth weight by more than half.” But this study has been completely discredited. Apparently, FWW Colorado likes to play on expectant mothers’ fears in order to advance its agenda.

Hypocritical Anti-Free Speech Position

FWW Colorado does not seem to believe in free speech. Regarding recently passed laws that liberalize campaign spending requirements, FWW Colorado responded, “In a democracy, the size of your wallet should not determine the volume of your voice.” This position is extremely hypocritical. FWW Colorado is extremely well funded—its parent organization, based in Washington, D.C., has an annual budget of $12 million—and it uses this budget to amplify its voice and advocate for fracking bans around the country.


To learn more about Food & Water Watch’s national chapter, view its full profile here.