Artists Against Fracking, a coalition of celebrities led by Yoko Ono, is primarily focused on enacting a permanent fracking ban in New York state. However, the group has played an important role in Colorado activism through its funding of Frack Free Colorado, one of the biggest anti-fracking coalitions in the state. Since Local Control Colorado was created by Frack Free Colorado, Artists Against Fracking’s role in pushing Colorado’s anti-fracking ballot campaign is more pronounced than it first appears.

While alarmist rhetoric is part and parcel of anti-fracking activists, AAF take it to a whole new level. Clearly the Colorado groups that AAF funds have also adopted its alarmist tactics. Below are five of the most over-the-top statements made by AAF:

“Pretty Soon There Will Be No More Water To Drink.” – Yoko Ono

“This is the only industry on the verge of being greenlighted in a global way. If that happens, we will be choosing the dark side of the force. We will be ushering in another generation of fuel dependency, which will tip the earth’s climate into an irrevocable, unlivable temperature and sell out the next generation for some short-term financial benefits.” – Sean Lennon

“A scarcity of love is starting to happen in society, and we just have to stop that. People are just ruining other people’s land, and that’s a criminal thing to do. I really think that at one point, we just have to make sure that people understand that this is not just happening – it’s a criminal act.” – Yoko Ono

“I don’t want to be in Iran where you need to desalinate ocean water to brush your teeth – and that’s what we’re looking forward to.” – Sean Lennon

“Fracking Kills” – Yoko Ono