What are Steyer’s True Motives?

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has repeatedly decried Charles and David Koch for their political contributions, calling it un-American “when shadowy billionaires pour unlimited money into our democracy to rig the system to benefit themselves and the wealthiest 1 percent.” Yet at the same time, Sen. Reid argues “we need people like Tom Steyer.”

The left-wing billionaire’s radical environmental group, NextGen Climate Action PAC, is spending tens of millions of dollars to sway midterm election results toward its preferred candidates. In fact, Steyer recently became the single largest Super PAC donor in the country, with more than $57 million spent since June 2013.

So, why would Sen. Reid attack the Kochs but support Steyer? It may be that NextGen has escaped Sen. Reid’s wrath by contributing $5 million to Senate Majority PAC, a group fighting to maintain Sen. Reid’s position as Senate Majority Leader.

In many cases NextGen is opposing candidates for their stances on issues that have nothing to do with the environment, begging the question: what are the group’s true motives? Is NextGen truly just looking out for the well-being of the environment, or is it nothing more than a front group for promoting a wide swath of liberal policies?

Consider this: NextGen recently purchased ads attacking U.S. Senator Mark Udall’s (D-CO) opponent, U.S. Representative Cory Gardner. The ads targeted Gardner’s previous support of a “personhood” amendment related to abortion, despite the fact that abortion has absolutely nothing to do with the environment. If increasing awareness of environmental issues is truly NextGen’s goal, why waste resources targeting a candidate for his stance on women’s health issues?

The group has also heavily supported U.S. Representative Bruce Braley’s campaign for the United States Senate, despite Rep. Braley’s strong support of ethanol mandates—an environmental stance that Steyer himself has mocked in the past.

It appears Steyer’s intentions are far more wide-reaching than he led on earlier this year, when he claimed his goal was to combat climate change, which he dubbed “the generational challenge of the world.” Now Steyer seems more concerned with using environmentalism as a guise to elect Democrats rather than actually helping the environment.

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