Celebrity Hypocrite of the Week

Robert Redford—world famous actor, director, environmentalist, and the celebrity hypocrite of the week.

Redford spends much of his time advocating for various environmental causes, but often fails to heed his own advice. Like so many other big green radicals, he seems to preach a message of “Do as I say, not as I do.” Here are just a few of his many hypocritical stances:

  • Despite decrying the supposed evils of using fossil fuels for travel, he happily served as the voice of the world’s second largest airline, United Airlines, telling passengers “it’s time to fly.”
  • He has vigorously fought development of an eco-village near his home in Napa Valley, yet eagerly sold a dozen pristine, undeveloped lots of land for roughly $2 million apiece to “developers seeking to build luxury homes there.”
  • Redford serves on the board of the Natural Resources Defense Council, a group that strongly supported increasing national fuel mileage standards to 54.5 mpg. Meanwhile, Redford has admitted that he spends his time driving sports cars and SUVs that get much worse gas mileage.
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