1. Environmental Groups Linked to Russian Oil Tycoons

    Our new video “From Russia With Love?” shows that radical environmental groups such as the Sierra Club and League of Conservation Voters might be receiving millions of dollars from Russian oil tycoons—who have a serious self-interest in slowing American energy production. The video is based on a recently updated report of the same name, which found that Russian oil and gas executives funneled […]

  2. Divest From Fossil Fuels? Not if You Like Your Life

    This week, radical activists such as Bill McKibben, who runs 350.org, are asking Americans to “break up” with fossil fuels by divesting from fossil fuel investments. Folks like McKibben want to ban the use of plentiful fossil fuels, such as natural gas, to provide affordable energy for the world. With fossil fuels providing about 80% […]

  3. Welcome to Big Green Radicals – Exposing Powerful Environmental Activists

    Welcome to Big Green Radicals, a new project from the Environmental Policy Alliance that exposes the radical agenda and political influence of today’s environmentalists. We’re focusing on three groups that want to fundamentally change our way of life, but whose true motives and intentions are hidden from public view: Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Sierra […]