1. Michael Moore Blasts Solar and Wind Energy in Documentary

    Michael Moore — yes, that Michael Moore — picked apart the renewable energy sector and environmental groups such as the Sierra Club in his recent documentary, Planet of the Humans. The left-wing filmmaker, alongside longtime environmentalist Jeff Gibbs, created a film analyzing the obvious flaws in forcing a transition to renewable energy, especially solar, wind, […]

  2. The Sierra Club Addresses Its Racism Problem

    The past few weeks have seen protesters tear down statues of historical figures across the country because they don’t live up to modern values. Now, the Sierra Club is now grappling with its founder John Muir’s own history of racism. As recounted by the Washington Post, Muir on a number of occasions used slurs against […]

  3. Berkeley’s Gas Ban Full of Hot Air

    Berkeley, California has styled itself as being the vanguard of progressivism for several decades. Yet the city’s move to ban new restaurants and other new buildings from using natural gas is a puzzling regression into unserious environmental policy. Passed last July and now the subject of litigation by the state’s restaurant industry, the gas ban, […]

  4. Sierra Club Promotes Urban Sprawl, Longer Commutes

    You’d think that the Sierra Club and San Francisco would fit together like two peas in a pod, but the notorious “green” group’s local chapter finds itself fighting against the city on a regular basis. In a prime example of nimbyism (“not in my backyard”), Forbes notes the group often fights against increased density in […]

  5. Environmental Groups Linked to Russian Oil Tycoons

    Our new video “From Russia With Love?” shows that radical environmental groups such as the Sierra Club and League of Conservation Voters might be receiving millions of dollars from Russian oil tycoons—who have a serious self-interest in slowing American energy production. The video is based on a recently updated report of the same name, which found that Russian oil and gas executives funneled […]

  6. BGR Report: From Russia With Love?

    Today, Big Green Radicals released a report detailing potential connections between Russian oil interests and the funding of American environmental organizations through a shady Bermuda law firm. The story was subsequently reported on by The Washington Free Beacon and featured on the DRUDGE REPORT. The report examines ties between Klein Limited, the fund ran out […]

  7. Meet the Sierra Club, Your $6,000-a-Trip Travel Agency (Don’t Mind the Carbon Emissions)

    The Sierra Club, the nation’s self-anointed environmental finger-waggers, hates it when you take a plane. “[E]ach flight you take does have an impact,” the Club notes. But don’t worry—it’s A-OK to take planes as long as you’re a part of the Sierra Club Outings program. Over the next year the Sierra Club is offering over […]

  8. Seizing Farmland, the Sierra Club Way

    The Illinois Commerce Commission recently voted to allow Clean Line Energy Partners to move forward with Illinois’ first merchant-owned electric transmission line. The Rock Island Clean Line project would transmit energy produced from the future development of wind energy projects in Iowa to Illinois through a 500-mile corridor of power lines strung atop 150-foot towers. […]

  9. Greenpeace’s Anti-Science Crusade Claims Scalp

    Big Green groups love to claim that the “science is settled” when it comes to climate change as a way to marginalize (and silence) their opponents. But if these activists are so concerned about the scientific consensus, why do they attack genetically improved crops? These crops, which have been on the market for decades, have […]

  10. Sierra Club’s “Pick a Plug-In” Tool Backfires

    The Sierra Club is out with a new web tool to get more people to buy electric vehicles (EVs). The only problem: after using the “Pick a Plug-In” tool, it quickly becomes apparent that for many Americans, seemingly no electric vehicles meet their needs. To use the tool, individuals are asked to answer several questions […]