1. “No Fossil Fuel” Pledge Littered with Losers, Hypocrites

    For any politician who thinks the public supports the radical environmental agenda, 2018’s “No Fossil Fuel Money” pledge is good evidence to the contrary. Candidates who signed the pledge agreed that they would “not take contributions from the oil, gas, and coal industry.” Pledge backers, including 350 Action, Greenpeace, and other extremist groups, want to […]

  2. Journalists hope to paper over Greenpeace’s actions

    You have a right to say whatever you like, with almost no exception, in the United States with no penalty from the government. However, if you lie or negligently repeat false and misleading information that hurts the commercial interests of a private business or individual, then that entity can sue you. And that’s why Resolute […]

  3. Greenpeace Admits: Don’t Take Us Literally

    After years of attacking people and businesses across the world with dramatic public relations campaigns, Greenpeace is facing a PR nightmare after admitting people shouldn’t take its campaigns seriously. In a court document relating to a Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) case brought by Resolute Forest Products, Greenpeace has claimed it does not necessarily […]

  4. Greenpeace Doubles Down on “False Claims”

    The public is starting to catch on that Greenpeace is anything but the innocent, peace-loving organization it claims to be. But that’s not stopping the radical environmental group from spreading false information to advance its extreme agenda. The group’s latest victim is Resolute Forest Products, a Canadian timber company. In 2012, Greenpeace claimed Resolute violated […]

  5. Greenpeace Kicked Out of India

    When you falsify your financials and fabricate research data, it doesn’t take long for people to catch on. Greenpeace found out the hard way in India, whose government just shut down the radical environmentalist group over allegations of fraud. The Tamil Nadu provincial government issued a notice Wednesday revoking Greenpeace India Society’s charitable registration for […]

  6. Greenpeace Defaces World Heritage Site, Refuses to Take Full Responsibility

    Last week U.N. officials and world leaders convened in Peru to agree to do something about greenhouse gas emissions—namely, to get countries to commit to emissions caps. But what really made the international headlines was a stunt by Greenpeace that defaced a World Heritage site. Greenpeace activists trampled onto the ancient Nazca Lines to put […]

  7. Greenpeace’s Anti-Science Crusade Claims Scalp

    Big Green groups love to claim that the “science is settled” when it comes to climate change as a way to marginalize (and silence) their opponents. But if these activists are so concerned about the scientific consensus, why do they attack genetically improved crops? These crops, which have been on the market for decades, have […]

  8. Big Green Groups Put Big Chill on Dissent

    Natural Resources Defense Council board member Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. just became the latest high-profile activist to lament that there are no laws under which to prosecute and jail individuals who disagree with his views on environmental policy. He called for his critics to be sent to “the Hague with all other war criminals.” This has become […]

  9. Greenpeace Senior Executive Takes a Plane to Work

    While board members at the Sierra Club and NRDC may commute to work by gas-guzzling vehicles, at least they’re not flying. The same can’t be said for Greenpeace senior executive Pascal Husting, who the Telegraph reports is commuting to work in Amsterdam from his Luxembourg home by plane. These travel arrangements fly in the face […]

  10. Greenpeace’s Million Dollar Bad Trade Exemplifies Systemic Incompetence

    It might come as a surprise that Greenpeace, which likes to portray itself as a scrappy non-profit fighting the good fight on a shoestring budget, employs its own currency traders. That information came to light this week as part of the revelation that one such trader lost $5.2 million on a single bet – the […]