1. Biden Nominee Was Spokeswoman for Eco-Terrorist Group

    This week, long lines are forming at gas stations across several states following a Russian cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline, which supplies 45% of the gas to the southeastern US, ranging from New Jersey to Texas. And now we have learned that President Biden has nominated a former spokesman for a pipeline sabotage group to […]

  2. Anti-Energy Activists Spinning ‘Wheel of Lies’

    As part of our campaign to educate Coloradans about the radical views behind the loudest voices against fracking, we ran a full-page ad in the Denver Post and other papers depicting a “Wheel of Lies” that contains false and misleading claims peddled by radical activists. As the Denver Post editorial board puts it, the “fringe […]

  3. Colorado Anti-Fracking Activists Peddling Junk Science

    Anti-Fracking activists are spreading misinformation about the safety of hydraulic fracturing to scare Coloradans into banning or limiting fracking. In response, the Environmental Policy Alliance launched a statewide television commercial targeting the activists whose false and conspiratorial claims threaten to destroy jobs and raise energy prices on Colorado families. Frack Free Colorado, one of the […]

  4. Food and Water Watch Alters State Documents to Hide Consensus on Fracking Safety

    Food and Water Watch (FWW) is already licking its wounds from its recent defeat in Loveland, Colorado, where voters ignored the misinformation campaign of its surrogates FWW Colorado and Frack Free Colorado to vote against a fracking moratorium. Now it’s come to light that FWW altered Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) documents to hide […]

  5. Loveland Voters Ignore Green Propaganda, Vote Against Fracking Moratorium

    Thanks to the deep pockets of activist groups based thousands of miles from the Front Range and a coordinated campaign spewing misinformation about the safety of fracking, radical environmentalists convinced voters in four Colorado cities to ban fracking. This week, however, these green radicals found out that not all Colorado voters buy their anti-science agenda. […]

  6. BGR Launches Colorado Green Radicals

    The Environmental Policy Alliance today launched a new campaign to raise awareness about radical environmental activists fighting to restrict hydraulic fracturing in Colorado. The campaign—Colorado Green Radicals—explores the groups and activists who use misleading “local control” schemes and offer baseless claims to push anti-fracking ballot measures. The launch coincides with a new full-page ad running in the June 18 Denver […]

  7. Big Green Uses Deceptive Practices in Colorado Fracking Debate

    Colorado is ground zero for the fracking debate. That’s why national environmental groups are turning their attention and their checkbooks to the state, trying to gin up support for several anti-fracking ballot initiatives that would advance their radical agendas. But rather than being up front about their support and agendas, these groups are resorting to […]

  8. Original Cartoon Illustrates Polis’s Radical Fracking Position

    Big Green Radicals created a new cartoon that illustrates Congressman Jared Polis’s radical, go-it-alone position on energy development in Colorado. The cartoon illuminates how Polis’ positions on fracking are out of step with other leading politicians in the state and with the majority of Coloradans who favor responsible energy development – as poll after poll shows. Governor John […]

  9. Environmentalists Use Colorado Floods to Push False Fracking Narrative

    Last September’s flooding along Colorado’s Front Range was disaster for the state, but a boon for radical environmentalists desperately seeking to promote their agenda. In the midst of the disaster, environmentalists launched a full-fledged media campaign that even involved renting out helicopters – not to help those stranded, but to fly around national reporters and […]

  10. Anti-Fracking Colorado Congressman Has Millions Invested in Oil and Gas

    Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO) wants to be “the poster boy” for reining in fracking. He has sought to ban it, regulate it, and tax it. But at the same time, Polis has millions of dollars in fracking and resource extraction investments. Looking at Polis’s past statements, you’d think that he’s vigorously opposed to fracking. He has […]