When she’s not helping to break up the Beatles or screeching into microphones at art shows, Yoko Ono can be found offering baseless hyperbole about the supposed dangers of hydraulic fracturing.

Ono is active in Artists Against Fracking (AAF), a group of celebrities primarily concerned with imposing a permanent fracking ban in New York state despite its economic benefits to New York families. But AAF is also wading into the Colorado fracking debate by funding Frack Free Colorado (FFC), a radical anti-fracking organization led by Russell Mendell, a former Occupy Wall Street protester. In turn, FFC created Local Control Colorado, a coalition of so-called “local” activists pushing to ban fracking in Colorado.

Ono has exploited her perch at AAF to lobby patently false statements about fracking. At an event in New York City last year, Ono held up a poster that claimed “Pretty Soon There Will be No More Water to Drink.” At a protest in Albany, Ono told a crowd of protesters that “fracking kills” without offering a shred of evidence, adding, “And it doesn’t just kill us, it kills the land, nature and eventually the whole world.” She’s also called hydraulic fracturing “a criminal act.”

It remains an open question whether Ono’s views on fracking are more nonsensical than her blabbering “performance” at the Museum of Modern Art in 2010.