Who are Big Green Radicals?

Environmental activist groups have lobbied for stronger laws to protect the environment and public health since the 19th century. But while these organizations started out curbing real threats to our safety and the future of our planet, they have morphed into multi-million dollar lobbying machines that use questionable tactics to scare the American public and policymakers into supporting unnecessary and unreasonable policies.

A web of wealthy foundations and individuals bankroll these radical activists, making the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and Food & Water Watch among the most powerful (and radical) voices pushing the green agenda.

What are their goals?

Eliminating Energy Sources

These activists strive to end the use of both traditional fossil fuel energy sources — coal, natural gas, and petroleum — and several carbon emission-free energy sources not deemed “green” enough — nuclear energy and hydropower. By focusing solely on wind and solar, Big Green Radicals will eliminate the energy sources that provide 95 percent of our current electricity needs, raising prices dramatically and reducing reliability.

Eliminating Food Sources

Radical environmentalists are trying to convince consumers to ignore the scientific consensus regarding the safety of genetically modified foods and scare the public and companies into reliance only on organic foods. They are also pushing to eliminate most modern farming and fishing techniques. If Big Green Radicals get their way, domestic food prices will rise, and we’ll lose the ability to develop new foods to feed vitamin-deficient citizens of developing countries.

Ending Mining and Energy Exploration

Each Big Green Radical group is pushing to prohibit the mining of natural resources and search for domestic sources of energy. If achieved, this would cost thousands of jobs in a variety of industries.